Jeet Kune Do – Lead Nao Tek

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I demonstrate how to do the Lead Round Kick in Jeet Kune Do.


Wing Chun – Bil Da

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I demonstrate how to do the Bil Da in Wing Chun.  It’s a good technique against looping punches such as hooks, and overhand punches.

Muay Thai – Clinch Escape – Cross Face

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I show how to get out of the Muay Thai Clinch also known as the plumb or prumb using the cross face technique.


Foursevens / 4Sevens Mini AA M2A and Customer Service Experience

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I wanted to do a quick review on my favorite EDC flashlight and talk about my experience with Foursevens’ customer service. I think they produce great flashlights and they have incredible customer service. I can’t recommend Foursevens enough. The flashlight is extremely thin for a AA battery light, and it has a deep pocket carry clip making it sit low in the pocket. I find this keeps the flashlight from accidentally snagging and falling out of my pocket. It’s a great flashlight for the money.


JKD – Kick Counter (Jeet Juk Tek)

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I demonstrate how to use the Jeet Juk Tek (intercepting side kick) against the round kick.

Muay Thai – Foot Jab Against The Round Kick v.2

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I demonstrate how to use the foot jab against the round kick.  This is the 2nd video on the subject.  I decided to remake a more concise video on the subject.


Kids Classes

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Kids In LineThere are many benefits to training martial arts at the Elite Academy of Martial Arts located in Tucker, GA.  Your child will have a way to channel their excess energy and achieve fitness.  Martial arts training requires children to practice self-control and concentration which teaches them to focus and improves self-discipline.  Children bow before and after class and during partner training drills which helps teach them respect.  By training with and helping fellow students, they also learn socialization skills.

Students in our kids classes learn a modified version of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do for children.  You can read more about the art created by Bruce Lee here.  Your child will not only learn punching, kicking, trapping, and grappling techniques, they will also learn how to deal with bullies and how to respond when strangers approach them.  boy slipping punch

Classes are 45 mins long and begin with a light warm up, followed by stretching.  Students spend the next 25 minutes reviewing previously learned techniques, learning new techniques, and practicing drills.  The last 10 mins of class may consist of games, role playing bully prevention, or stranger avoidance.  JKD Juniors will occasionally spar with protective equipment on.

girl punching

There are limited spots available, please email Sifu Kevin Le at for more information.

Little Dragons (ages 7-9)        Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 – 6:15 pm

JKD Juniors (ages 10-14)         Monday & Wednesday 5:30 – 6:15 pm



JKD – Kick Defense / Evasion (Toy Ma)

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I demonstrate a simple kick defense from Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do called the Toy Ma. It is simply a kick evasion technique used to avoid round and straight kicks.

JKD – Basics of the Stomp Kick Dum Tek

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A demonstration of the stomp kick or dum tek from Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.  The basic stomp kick is demonstrated, and then how to apply it defensively from the jab or jab-cross, from combination, and finally how to feint with it.


Wing Chun – Four Basic Pak Saos for Self Defense

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A demonstration of four basic pak saos that can be used in a self defense situation when an attacker is reaching towards or punching straight at you.