Prices & FAQ

Adult membership plans allow you to train as many different arts as you want, and come as often as you want.  Children’s membership plans include 2 classes per week.   All membership plans are paid on a monthly basis by auto drafting your credit or debit card. Please read the entire FAQ before scheduling a visit. Adult Tuition Rates (ages 15 & up): 12 month contract – $125 per month 6 month contract – $160 per month Monthly (no contract) – $180 per month Children Tuition Rates (ages 7-14):  There are limited spots available, please email Sifu Kevin Le...

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Elite Academy of Martial Arts has a YouTube Channel!

The Elite Academy of Martial Arts has an official YouTube Channel.  Tune-in and subscribe at  We will post videos based on martial arts related topics such as stretching, new techniques, and equipment reviews.  Subscribe and leave comments on what you would like to...

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