Equipment Reviews

Equipment Review videos at the Elite Academy of Martial Arts.

Foursevens / 4Sevens Mini AA M2A and Customer Service Experience

I wanted to do a quick review on my favorite EDC flashlight and talk about my experience with Foursevens’ customer service. I think they produce great flashlights and they have incredible customer service. I can’t recommend Foursevens enough. The flashlight is extremely thin for a AA battery light, and it has a deep pocket carry clip making it sit low in the pocket. I find this keeps the flashlight from accidentally snagging and falling out of my pocket. It’s a great flashlight for the money....

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Kali – Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer Review and Demo

A review and demo on the Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer.

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Kali – Spyderco Endura and Delica Trainers

A review and demo on how to use the Spyderco Endura, and Delica Trainers.

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Spyderco Tenacious w/ Poor Man’s Emerson Wave Mod

The Tenacious is a great inexpensive knife. I give it a 9/10 for the price. With G10 scales, and a full flat grind, it has the same features of more expensive knives. With the simple kydex wave mod it becomes an ideal self defense knife, but would fit the role of everyday carry very easily.

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Esee Izula II (2) Review

I give the Esee Izula II 10 out of 10. The 1095 carbon steel is tough, and micarta is my favorite handle material. I love the design of the knife and it feels good in the hand. It is meant as a hard use, small survival knife, but would make a great everyday carry, camping and even self defense knife. It comes in several colors, and can be purchased on for around $68.

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SOG Tactical Tomahawk F01TN & Sheath HDN-F01 Review

I give the SOG Tactical Tomahawk a 8 out of 10.  For the price, it is a great little tomahawk.  I ground the spike into a point and added some tennis wrap to customize the tomahawk to fit my uses.  With the optional kydex sheath, it provides a great carry system.  I wish the sheath had a right handed option though.

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