Muay Thai Videos

Muay Thai videos at the Elite Academy of Martial Arts.

Muay Thai – Having Fun In Class

Testing out the video quality on my Nexus 5 cellphone and new tripod by filming a typical Muay Thai class.  

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Muay Thai – How to Get the Clinch (Stair Step)

I show how to get the clinch using a method I call the “Stair Step or Stair Climber”.

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Muay Thai – Diagonal Knee Setup

I show how to setup the diagonal knee in Muay Thai.

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Muay Thai – How to Shield or Knee Block

I demonstrate how to do the shield or knee block in Thai boxing.  

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Muay Thai – Clinch Escape – Cross Face

I show how to get out of the Muay Thai Clinch also known as the plumb or prumb using the cross face technique.  

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Muay Thai – Foot Jab Against The Round Kick v.2

I demonstrate how to use the foot jab against the round kick.  This is the 2nd video on the subject.  I decided to remake a more concise video on the subject.  

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