Wing Chun Videos

Wing Chun videos at the Elite Academy of Martial Arts.

Wing Chun – Lop Sao Combo

I come up with a simple Wing Chun combo to demonstrate how to use the lop sao.

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Wing Chun – Gon Da

I show how to use the Gon Da against body punches such as hooks, uppercuts, and shovel hooks.

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Wing Chun – Bil Da

I demonstrate how to do the Bil Da in Wing Chun.  It’s a good technique against looping punches such as hooks, and overhand punches.

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Wing Chun – Four Basic Pak Saos for Self Defense

A demonstration of four basic pak saos that can be used in a self defense situation when an attacker is reaching towards or punching straight at you.  

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Wing Chun – Stomp Kick From Chi Sao

A demo on how to apply the Wing Chun stomp kick from chi sao.

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Wing Chun – Foot Sweeps

A demonstration of the basic inside and outside foot sweeps from Wing Chun.

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