Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee Jab Defense

Bruce Lee Jab Defense

Ages 15 & up.

In 2004, the Bruce Lee Foundation decided to use the name Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do (振藩截拳道) to refer to the martial arts system that Lee founded; “Jun Fan” was Lee’s Chinese given name.  At EAMA students are taught the original Jun Fan Gung Fu curriculum taught to Sifu Dan Inosanto by Sigung Bruce and later adapted by Sifu Dan after Sigung’s death. 

Jun Fan JKD is sometimes known as the grandfather of MMA.  Sigung Bruce incorporated techniques from many different disciplines of martial arts believing that no one style had all the answers.  He broke the traditional boundaries of older martial arts by training any techniques he thought would improve his fighting skill, and training anyone willing to learn.  Jun Fan JKD can be broken down into four ranges of attack – kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling.  Beginners focus on the kicking and punching range, and move on to trapping and grappling as they become more advance.

Jun Fan JKD is meant to be fluid and adaptive.  It can be used in self defense or in the ring.  Classes are an hour long and consist of warm ups, pad work, bag work, partner drills, and sparring.  Students interested in testing their skills are encouraged to participate in amateur MMA and kickboxing matches at local venues.