Prices & FAQ

Adult membership plans allow you to train as many different arts as you want, and come as often as you want.  Children’s membership plans include 2 classes per week.

 Visits by appointment only.  Please read the entire FAQ before scheduling a visit.

Adult Tuition Rates (Wing Chun, JKD, Muay Thai, BJJ ages 15 & up, Kali ages 18 & up):
12 month contract – $135 per month
6 month contract – $170 per month
Monthly (no contract) – $190 per month

Children Tuition Rates (Little Dragons ages 7-9, JKD Juniors ages 10-14):  There are limited spots available please email to check availability.
12 month contract – $85 per month
6 month contract – $105 per month
Monthly (no contract) – $125 per month


  • Q:  How do I enroll?
  • A: First, schedule an appointment to observe the classes you’re interested in.  Afterwards, if you’re still interested in joining, you can schedule a time to come in and finish the enrollment process.
  • Q:  What do I pay when I enroll?
  • A:  You’ll pay your first month and you’ll need to buy a uniform which ranges from $20 – $55 depending on the class.  
  • Q:  Why do I need to watch classes first?
  • A: It helps prospective members understand what to expect out of the classes. It also helps to eliminate those who are simply curious or have no intention of joining.
  • Q:  Is there a free trial or intro class?
  • A:  No, you can make a decision by watching a few classes.
  • Q:  Is experience necessary?
  • A:  No, many students who join EAMA are starting martial arts for the first time. We teach all levels of students — from novice to experienced people with black belts in other systems.
  • Q:  What classes do you offer?
  • A:  Adult classes: Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Kali, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling.  Children’s classes: Little Dragons (age 7-9), Jeet Kune Do Juniors (age 10-14)
  •  Are there any age restrictions?
  • A: Yes. Ages 7-9 for Little Dragons and 10-14 for JKD Juniors. You must be age 15 or older for all adult classes, except for Kali, which requires a minimum age of 18.  If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by a parent when visiting the school.  Your parent does not need to accompany you once you are a member.  
  • Q:  If I can’t afford the tuition, is there any way I can join without paying? Or, can I get a discount?
  • A:  Sorry, we do not offer any discounts.  If you are unable to afford the tuition, you should look for alternative lessons.
  • Q:  Are there any special tuition rates if I can only come to a limited number of classes out of the month?
  • A:  We only offer a flat monthly tuition rate. At that rate, you are welcome to come to as many or as few classes as you want.
  • Q:  If I don’t have any equipment, can I still train?
  • A:  Yes, we have equipment that you can borrow.  
  • Q:  Do I need to buy a uniform?
  • A: Yes, you’re required to wear the appropriate uniform to class. 1) Wing Chun, JKD and No Gi Grappling — Black EAMA shirt and pants/shorts.  2) Muay Thai — EAMA shirt and Thai Shorts.  3) BJJ — Gi/Kimono.  4) Kali — EAMA shirt and black cargo pants.
  • Q:  Where can I buy my uniforms?
  • A:  The black EAMA shirt, pants, shorts and Thai shorts can be purchased at EAMA. The BJJ Gi/Kimono can be purchased online. Black cargo pants can be purchased at clothing stores.
  • Q:  As a beginner, which class or style would be best for me?
  • A:  All our classes are mixed level, so you can start in any class you like.
  • Q:  What should I wear, how should I prepare, and what should I bring to class?
  • A:  You should wear your uniform, remove any jewelry, and trim your nails.  You should also bring a water bottle and sweat towel.   
  • Q:  How does membership and payment work?
  • A: All membership plans are paid on a monthly basis by auto drafting your credit or debit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You can train as many different arts as you want, and come as often as you want.
  • Q:  Can I pay you month to month with cash?
  • A:  No, we only accept monthly payments through recurring billing.  We do accept cash when you purchase equipment, uniforms, or make your first month’s payment when you enroll.  
  • Q:  When is my billing date?
  • A:  Your billing date is the same day each month as your enrollment date.  If you enroll on the 5th of the month, then your billing date is the 5th of every month.  
  • Q:  Do you offer private lessons?
  • A:  Yes, private lessons are $125 per hour.  There are no discounts for multiple hours.  

If you are interested in observing a class, please schedule an appointment by emailing us at